We are excited to inform you that in the upcoming weeks, we will be migrating all our shared hosting mail servers (Mail Administration) to newer hardware, powered by the latest versions of software. This migration is part of our ongoing commitment to provide you with enhanced performance, reliability, and security.

During this process, we aim to make the transition as seamless as possible for you. Our team of experts will work diligently to ensure minimal disruption to your email services. However, we kindly request your patience and understanding throughout the migration period.

Key points to note about the migration:

  1. Improved Hardware: The migration will involve moving your mailboxes to advanced hardware infrastructure, which will result in enhanced performance and stability.
  2. Latest Software Versions: We will be upgrading to the latest versions of mail server software, which offer improved features, enhanced security, and better compatibility.
  3. Minimal Service Disruption: While our team will take every precaution to minimize any service disruption, there may be a brief period during the migration where access to certain features or functionalities may be temporarily affected. Rest assured that we will keep you informed about any expected downtime and its duration.
  4. Committed Support: Our support team will be available to address any concerns or questions you may have during the migration process. Please don't hesitate to submit a ticket should you require assistance.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding during this migration as we strive to deliver an even better email hosting experience for you. Our team will be working around the clock to ensure a smooth transition, and we are confident that the upgraded infrastructure will significantly enhance your email services.  

Once the start dates are finalized, we will promptly update this post.

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

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