Changing Your WordPress Dashboard Admin Password

In order to change your WordPress dashboard password, you will need to log into your DirectAdmin control panel and navigate to phpMyAdmin.  

Log in to phpMyAdmin and click on the plus (+) symbol next to the database name listed on the left-hand side.  
Scroll down and click on the `wp_users` table.  Depending on what plugins you have installed this table name can slightly differ, please find the table with `_users` in the name.  

Find the row with your username listed and click on Edit

Find the row for `user_pass` and change the `value` to what your new WordPress dashboard password.

Click  on the drop-down menu to the left-hand side of your new password and select `MD5`

Click on the `Go` button on the bottom of the screen to save changes.

You should now be able to log into your WordPress Dashboard with your username and newly created password.  

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