How can I obtain my own SSL certificate?

If you wish to purchase your own SSL certificate, you'll need to generate a CSR (certificate signing request) from the server your domain is hosted on, which will create a CSR and RSA Private Key, both of which you'll need to provide to the SSL vendor so they may generate the certificate. You can generate a CSR in your cPanel account in the 'SSL/TLS Manager' feature, which is in the Security section.  

Alternatively, you may send in a ticket requesting the generation of a CSR. In this support ticket please include all of the following information regarding the web site needing the CSR:

Email Address to send to:
Desired Secure URL (your domain name):
Country (2 letter abbreviation):
State (full name):
Company Name:
Company Division:
Password (Alpha-numeric. No special characters):

The support pin from the top left corner of your client area ( for account verification:

Important Things To Note

  • As far as the 'Desired Secure URL', when accessing a SSL protected site the domain name/host name entered into one's browser must match the domain the SSL cert is setup for exactly or a security warning will appear. If the cert is made out to '' one would have to access the site via the secure URL in order to avoid any security warnings. Users accessing via would receive a pop up alert warning that the domain does not match the certificate. The exception to this would be a certificate for, which would function for both and
  • A dedicated IP address may be required in order to have a private SSL cert installed. This is dependant upon SNI support on the server. SNI ( is what allows SSL certificates to be installed on shared IP addresess. If the account isn't already setup on a dedicated IP, and your server does not support SNI, a dedicated IP address would be availible at an additional $2/month.
  • Customers can either order a SSL certificate through us or have us generate a CSR which they can take to the certificate vendor of their choosing. We have GeoTrust RapidSSL certificates avalilable for the discounted price of $99, covering two years.

For further information:
Please refer to the cPanel documentation for the SSL/TLS Manager feature, here.

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