Can I sign up for a one or two year contract and make monthly payments?

No, sorry. The substantial discounts we offer (up to 33%) on our longer term contracts is based on prepayment in full for the entire term. While we are happy to receive payment on a month to month basis, customers paying monthly aren't eligible for the same discount as customers who prepay for longer terms.

We offer a wide variety of plans and billing options and customers are invited to select the plan and term of prepayment which best fits their own needs, plans and budget.

The following chart (the information in which can also be found on our signup page for shared hosting plans) shows the cost per month for all of our shared hosting plans, which will vary depending on the term of the prepaid contract:


Monthly $11.98 /month $11.98 / month
Semi-Annual $8.99 /month $53.94 / six months
Annual $7.99 /month $95.88 / year
Biennial $5.99 /month $143.76 / two years

To calculate the total initial charge for any given plan just multiply the monthly cost by the number of months in the term and add in the $29.95 one time Instant Setup charge which is applicable to all new accounts.


- The initial charge for the Monthly plan is $71.80
($11.98 + $29.95 setup fee = $71.80)

- The initial charge for the Biennial plan is $143.76
($5.99 x 24 months = $143.76, setup fee waived)

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