Creating MySQL databases

(cPanel) To create a MySQL database:

  • Go to MySQL Databases in your cPanel
  • Under 'Create New Database', enter the database name you wish to use
  • Select 'Create Database'

(DirectAdmin) To create a MySQL database:

  • Go to MySQL Management in your DirectAdmin
  • Click 'Create New Database' button at the top of the page
  • Enter database name and user
  • Click 'Create Database'

Your full database name and database user name will have your cPanel/DirectAdmin username and an underscore appended to the beginning of the database name / user name you enter. 


If the username for your account is "domainc" and you have created a database named "phpbb" and a database user named "bbuser" then the correct database and database user names will be as follows:

database = domainc_phpbb
database user = domainc_bbuser

For further information:
Please refer to the cPanel documentation for database features, here.

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