How long does it take to process domain registrations?

While our hosting accounts are set up and ready to use immediately, if you request that we register a domain name for you when signing up, it does typically take a day or two for the domain registration to be processed and for the domain to begin to propogate and resolve to your HostRocket account.

In most cases, the domain registration is processed either on the day of signup or the next business day. Once we register your chosen domain name, there is a delay referred to as a propogation period, during which DNS servers worldwide are updated to record the fact that calls to your domain should be directed to our name servers. While in most cases domains should begin to work within 24 hours or so, in some cases it may take longer. During this initial propogation period -- depending on their location, and the ISPs and DNS servers involved -- some visitors may be able to access your site via your domain name while others may not.

Please note that you don't necessarily have to wait until your domain name is registered and the DNS changes take effect to get started uploading and testing your website. The welcome email you will receive shortly after signup will include an IP address-based "test URL" which can be used to get to the index page for your account until your domain name becomes available.

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