How do I migrate my email from a 3rd party to HostRocket?

If you are looking to transfer your email from an 3rd party provider to one of the mail servers provided by us here at HostRocket you will want to use one of the following methods.

Method 1 requires FTP access to the server which you are migrating from, while method 2 only requires an IMAP connection to the previous server.

If you have FTP access to the server which you are migrating from and it is also a cPanel based server, the migration process will be as simple as downloading a directory from your previous mail host and then uploading it to a directory on your new account here at HostRocket.

Method 1 (requires FTP access):

If you do indeed have access to the previous mail host via FTP you will want to navigate to the /home/cpanelusername/etc directory and locate the '' folder.

This folder contains all the information regarding the email accounts themselves- usernames, encrypted passwords, and any custom configuration settings such as mailbox quota and general server configuration details. Compress and download this folder to your local computer as you will need to upload this folder to your new hosting account later on in the process. Once downloaded, please rename the folder to ''

Once you have downloaded the first folder, you will want to navigate to the /home/cpanelusername/mail/ directory and locate the '' folder within that directory. This folder will contain the history of all email messages sent on the old server. Compress and download this folder to your local computer.

At this point you should have two folders named '' as well as ''. Please create a new folder within the home directory of your HostRocket account named 'emailmigration' and upload both of these .zip files to the newly created folder.

After you have done this and can verify that both files exist within the 'emailmigration' folder please open a ticket through your HostRocket client area ( and include the location of the 'emailmigration' folder as well as your 5 digit support pin from top left hand side of the client area for account verififcation purposes. Once you have opened a support ticket with all the required information, one of our support technicians will begin the migration process for you as soon as possible.

Method 2 (requires IMAP access):

If you do NOT have access to the previous mail server via FTP the migration process does require a little more effort to complete, however it is still a very manageable process. To migrate your emails without FTP access you will want to sign in to the email accounts on the previous server which contain the message data using the IMAP protocol within the email client of your choice.

You will then want to essentially 'clone' all of the email accounts from your previous mail server and make sure that the spelling of the new email addreses on your HostRocket email server are exactly the same as on your previous server. You will then want to sign in to all of the new 'cloned' email accounts using the same email client you used to access the accounts on your previous server.

Once you are signed into the email accounts on both the previous server and the new HostRocket server, you can begin to drag and drop the email folders which contain data you wish to migrate from the old server over to the corresponding account/folder on the new HostRocket mail server. These transfers may take awhile to complete if the folders are very large- please be patient and do not attempt to transfer the same folder twice as this may cause confusion and cause emails to be replicated and/or replaced.

Once you have used one of these methods to transfer your email history into HostRocket, the only thing left to do is update the MX record for your domain. The MX record should have been provided to you in your original HostRocket Welcome email. Please make sure that all required data has been succesfully transferred over before updating the MX record through your DNS panel.


If you run into any issues while migrating your emails to HostRocket feel free to open a support ticket requesting assistance either through your HostRocket client area or by emailing [email protected].

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