Directory Structure

Directory Structure


At the root of your account exists these directories:









The /backups directory contains all the backups created through the control panel.  You will not have a /backups directory until you create a backup in the control panel.




The /domains directory contains the files relating to your hosting account(s).  Each domain hosted on your account has its own directory (/domains/  Within this directory is:


/logs             (monthly logs are stored here -- the directory is created one month after your account is created)

/private_html  (all files accessed through SSL -- https://)

/public_html  (files for your general website)

/public_ftp     (files for your FTP site)

/stats            (files created by Webalizer for the purpose of statistics -- do not alter/delete this directory)


When someone visits your website, the information displayed is pulled from the /domains/ directory. This is where all of your website files are located. 




The mail directory includes files created by the server's mail system.  Do not modify, delete, or add anything to this directory.

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