How do I create a secondary FTP account?

In addition to the primary FTP account which is setup by default along with your HostRocket account and which allows total access to all directories on the account, it's also possible to create secondary FTP accounts with limited access. These FTP subaccounts can be created under the Files section of your cPanel, in the FTP Accounts feature.

Each secondary FTP account you create will only have access to the directory which is specified when it is created, so this can be used to create accounts with access to only a specific area of the file structure, or to one addon domain.

For example:

FTP subaccount: [email protected]
Directory: /home/username/public_html

This would allow a domain access to any of the webfiles within the account's public_html folder, however:

FTP subaccount: [email protected]
Directory: /home/username/public_html/

would allow this 'ftp_account' FTP account access only to that /home/username/public_html/ folder and anything within it, but would not allow it to access anything else in the public_html folder.

When logging in to a secondary FTP account - unlike with your main account - secondary user names must include at the end of the username and can only use regular FTP connections (port 21). Only your main cPanel account can connect via SFTP (port 22).

Example FTP subaccount login:

Host Name/Address:  -or- server's hostname -or- site's IP address
User ID: [email protected]
Password: xxxxxxxx

For further information:
Please refer to the cPanel documentation for FTP Accounts feature, here.


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