FTP With Commander One

Transfer Files with Commander One

– Launch Commander One from ~/Applications directory or Mac OS Dock.


– Navigate to FTP connections menu from Toolbar or Go → Connect to Server menu, or use the corresponding keyboard shortcut (def. ⌘K).


– Press “+” button to add a new FTP connection to the list.

– Give your connection a name of our choice.

– Choose a protocol - simple FTP or and SFTP


– In “Server” field enter your servers IP address or domain name.

– Enter  your cPanel user and Password in the corresponding fields.

– Specify whether you want to store your user ID in Mac OS Keychain.

– Choose Passive or Active FTP mode and home directory for connection.

Now, press “Connect” button and your server will be displayed as a mounted drive in Commander One window. You can select it in either panel, or both of them simultaneously to optimize the workflow.


Commander One allows transferring and editing files over FTP, as well as changing files’ permissions directly on the server.

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