Why have I been blocked on the server?

While there are other situations (for example too many connections) under which an IP may be temporarily blocked potentially leading to a permanent block, the typical reasons for a user's ip becoming blocked by the Login Failure Daemon (LFD) are:

- 5 FTP login failures over a one hour period
- 5 SSH login failures over a one hour period
- 5 POP3 login failures over a one hour period
- 5 IMAP login failures over a one hour period
- 5 SMTP login failures over a one hour period
- 5 CPANEL login failures over a one hour period
- 15 HTPASSWD login failures over a one hour period

Should a user's IP become blocked they will be unable to access anything on the server, and they will receive a 'connection blocked' error identifying the problem. If you contact us with their IP address we can lift the ban by sending this to [email protected]

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