Email Deliverability - SPF/DKIM Records

cPanel now has an option to help automate email deliverability within the "Email Deliverability' section under the "Email' section in the account.

Email Deliverability Button

Within this section, SPF/DKIM records can be added automatically to your DNS zone. Simply select the domain from the list of availible domains in your account by clicking the "Manage" button to the right of the domain. 

Manage Domain

Once you click the manage button you will be taken to a page which allows you to install DKIM and SPF records on your domain's DNS zone with just one click.

Please note that in order for the SPF record to authenticate properly you will need to add the following include at the end of the record: In order to be able to add this include statement you will need to click on the "Customize" link underneath the automatically generated SPF record. 

Customize SPF Record

Once on the SPF customization page you will want to locate the section referencing include statements and add the Mailchannels relay as pictured below:

Mailchannels Include

Customers that are using the following nameservers will still need to contact our support team to request these records to be added:

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