Site Statistics

In order to see statistics about your website and your account, you will need to visit the "System Info & Files” area, and choose the “Site Summary / Statistics / Logs” link

This will bring you to the “Domain Statistics” tab.

On this tab, if you click the domain name of the website you wish to view statistics for, you will find “Usage Statistics” which is presented in both a graph, and a table format, summarized by month. If you would like to see more detail, click the month you wish to view. You can go into great depth once inside. This may be useful to locate pages that are getting a lot of traffic and the ones that are not.
If we return to the main “User Statistics” tab, we can start looking at the other options. 
By clicking the “Usage Statistics” tab, we can see account level statistics. This is where you can monitor your account for disk usage, bandwidth, and various other aspects of your hosting package.
If we look above these tabs, we can see 2 options in blue. “User History”, and “Backed up Web Logs”. Depending on your access level you may have additional options.
If we click “User History”, we can see details about bandwidth, disk usage, and nodes count. This can be viewed in a table or chart format, depending on your selection.
If we click “Backed up Web Logs”, we will find ourselves in “File Manager” looking at the logs directory. These files are the rotated usage logs.
If we go back to the main “User Statistics” screen, we can also see a couple of links on the right hand side labeled “Usage Log" and "Error Log”.
These two links will provide the information needed to help troubleshoot errors with your website. These logs will help provide the source of errors should your website show one.


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