My domain was registered by HostRocket. Who owns the domain?

When we at HostRocket register a domain name on your behalf, you are the owner of the domain name and have full and complete control over its use, content, and information.

Should you need or want to make any changes to the nameservers or contact information for the domain, you can do so in your client area:

under Domains > My Domains > select the wrench icon next to the domain.

Here, you will find options to change the authoritiative nameservers for the domain, or update the registrant contact information. Please note, ICANN may require contact information verification at any point in time via an email sent directly to the registrant contact email address on the domain, so it is important that this contact address be updated as necessary. Updating the contact information in your billing area for our service does not update the domain's registrant information.

Alternatively, if you'd like us to make changes for you, you can simply submit a trouble ticket identifying exactly what changes you wish to be made and include the support pin from the top left corner of your client area ( as verification, and we'll take care of any updates right away.

While in most cases we try to setup the domain registrant contact details to include the owner's name and contact info right from the start, in some cases a temporary 'placeholder' using the generic ID "HostRocket Customer" may be put in place to expedite the registration process. Should a customer find that their domain is registered to "HostRocket Customer", this contact information would need to be updated to use valid registrant information as per ICANN regulation as soon as possible.

The registrant contact information can be updated through the client area, as described above, or you can submit a trouble ticket and this will be taken care of promptly.

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