DirectAdmin FAQ

As with our recent migration of our shared servers from cPanel to DirectAdmin, there are a few common issues which may affect users.

While our migration steps accounted for the majority of any issues that could be expected during the migration, there are some individual cases which may require further manual intervention.

Document Root Changes

One of the most common issues resulting from the migration are due to the change in how the website document roots work on the new control panel. For example, previously the document root for a main domain on a cPanel server was:


On the new DirectAdmin control panel system, the DocumentRoots are handled like so:


Addon domains would use the same structure as above:

FTP program settings may need to be adjusted to reflect the change in document roots. When you connect by FTP with the control panel user, you are automatically placed in the /home/username directory.  From here you would need to navigate to domains/  If you have your FTP client configured to send data to public_html, please update this to domains/

The document root change could also affect password protected directories which may require the .htpasswd files moved into /home/username/ and the paths corrected in .htaccess files

phpMyAdmin Access with control panel username/password

If you are currently unable to access phpMyAdmin with your control panel username and password -OR- are unable to see all of your databases, please submit a support ticket with your current account credentials and this can be fixed.

If you are having any problems at all, please contact [email protected] with your account support pin as well as a detailed description of the problem and we will be happy to assist. Please note that response times may be a bit delayed during our migration periods.

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