SMTP Authentication / Trouble Sending Email

If you are having trouble sending email from within an email client such as Outlook, MacMail, etc, please verify:

  • The full email address and password are entered in the outgoing settings
  • The Outgoing Server hostname is entered correctly
  • The Outgoing Server port is '587' if SSL is disabled, or '465' if SSL is enabled
  • SMTP Authentication is enabled
  • The mail program has been restarted after any setting changes have been made


If your email is hosted on one of our mailservers (as opposed to mail handled on-server, as is the case with the reseller or greek-named servers), you can locate your email settings by entering your domain here:

If you get a result that looks like: "Domain not valid or not currently hosted by this mail system" then your account is either on a reseller or greek server, or your email is not currently hosted with us.

Please refer to the following for instructions specific to your mail client:

For Outlook: 

  • Select Tools > Account Settings > select the account you are using under the Mail tab and click 'Change'
  • Click 'More Settings' > select the Outgoing server tab
  • Select 'My outgoing server requires authentication' and 'use same settings as incoming server'
  • Select the Advanced tab > Outgoing Server (SMTP) port is '587' if SSL is disabled, or '465' if SSL is enabled


For Mac Mail:

  • From the Mail toolbar, select Mail > Preferences > Account Information
  • Select  'Edit SMTP Server List' from the Outgoing Server dropdown
  • On the Advanced tab, disable 'Automatically detect and maintain account settings'
  • Outgoing Server (SMTP) port is '587' if SSL is disabled, or '465' if SSL is enabled
  • Authentication should be set to 'Password'
  • Username should be your full email address
  • Password should be your email address' password

For iPhone/iPad:

  • Open the Settings App > Tap on Mail, Contacts, and Calendars > Tap on your email account
  • Tap on Account Info > Tap on Outgoing Mail Server > Tap on the primary mail server
  • Host Name should be your email server
  • User Name should be the full email address
  • Password should be your email address’ password
  • Authentication should be set to 'Password'
  • Server port is '587' if SSL is disabled, or '465' if SSL is enabled

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